What is the PRIME Plan?

The PRIME Plan is a medical reimbursement trust, quite similar to a Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). It is an employer-sponsored plan that allows for tax-free reimbursements for qualified medical expenses.

How does the PRIME Plan work?

You would incur the medical expense first and then submit a reimbursement claim form indicating the amount for reimbursement.

Where can I find a list of qualified medical expenses?

Please reference the forms tab for documentation.

Can my medical reimbursement trust pay for a portion of my medical insurance premium?

Yes, you have the option to have your reimbursement account cover the entire premium or a portion of the premium. On the reimbursement claim form, you will indicate the amount you would like the plan to reimburse you. Note: You cannot be reimbursed more than the actual expense incurred.

What documentation is needed to verify proof of expense incurred?

You may submit a copy of an EOB (explanation of benefits), invoice, receipt, or insurance premium notification as verification. Copies of bank statements are not acceptable.

Can I receive my reimbursements by direct deposit?

Yes, simply complete the ACH Direct Deposit Form. Please remember to sign the form and attach a voided check.

How often will I receive statements on my account?

You will receive a quarterly statement by postal mail, or email by request.

Will I receive a 1099 statement on my account at the end of the year?

No, reimbursements received under health reimbursement accounts for medical expenses are not reportable to the IRS.

Can I make additional deposits to my medical reimbursement trust?

Unfortunately no, this is an employer contribution plan.

Is there a time limit to use the funds in the reimbursement trust?

No. You, your spouse, and any qualified dependents may continue to use the funds in this account until they are exhausted. If something should happen to you, your spouse and/or qualified dependents may continue to use the funds in this account.

How can I access my account?

You may access your account online anytime through this page, by clicking the Participant Login tab at the top of the screen, or by logging in at www.pelionbenefits.com. You may also call Pelion directly at 1.888.532.7526.